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DSCi - The science behind success.

Decision Science delivers enterprise level Data Architecture, High Compute Infrastructure, Data Science, Data Harmonization and Data Visualization services for Consumer-Packaged Goods Suppliers and Retailers.  Data Science services include Assortment Optimization, Clustering, Forecasting, Test & Learn, Site Selection, Promotional & Pricing Evaluation

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DSCI automates the ingestion and transformation of all your data sources. DSCI has experience with a litany of disparate data sources, including; Retailer POS, Category, Syndicated, Weather, Census, Supply Chain, Labor, Digital Media and others.  Rest easy knowing your data is hydrated, accurate and refreshed with complete visibility throughout the process.


DSCI built and maintains our own private cloud with full redundancy.  Pure Storage flash arrays and servers are fully owned by DSCI.  Since DSCI is database “agnostic”, we partner with all the industry leading database platforms to customize the end solution to your specific needs.  We recognize that speed, agility and accuracy are your competitive advantages.


Access your data your way.  Don’t be limited by an aging industry’s pre-determined user interfaces.  DSCI allows direct access to your data through any of the tools readily available today (PowerBI, Tableau, Alteryx, etc.)


DSCI enables real time data manipulation complementing the pace of today’s retail environment. DSCI will engineer and optimize custom visualization tools specific to your industry.  Additionally, turn key analytical tools supporting Sales, Category, and Supply Chain are immediately available.  

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Integrated Data Solutions 

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DSCI partners with multiple Fortune 500 Consumer Package Goods Suppliers to improve product assortment at the world’s largest retailers.  Our proprietary processes and machine learning accurately forecast the sales opportunity (and consequences) of all distribution decisions


Similar to our success with Assortment Optimization, our proprietary tools assist Suppliers and Retailers in determining the optimal cluster combination, per category.  Applicable insights include;  financial risk - reward, cannibalization, labor efficiency, and costing.


Industry proven forecasting algorithms are leveraged across both supplier and retailer. Our mathematics are "evergreen" and always learning. DSCi works with clients to formulate efficiencies, allocation, and service models.  


The DSCi Test & Control solution was purpose built for the CPG industry. Our machine learning technology limits the "over-ride" component  by reacting only to the input hypothesis and data based complementary item set.  The output is a POD specific. 



It's not just technology that makes the retail world turn. We use our team's expertise to help with Retail Strategy, Buying Decisions, Location based Pricing, Forecasting, Logistics, and so much more. We have experience working with Fortune 1, our team has consulted on projects affecting Billions in Retail Sales.

Industry Testimonials  

If we can utilize your data to gain distribution in 3,265 stores, this one item alone could generate an additional $1.5MM in POS revenue annually and would be a great work case for utilization on other categories!


Whatever the task, project, or ask is, our team will work relentlessly to solve your company's technology & business  needs. Ahead of schedule and exceeding expectations is our goal. It's as simple as asking us a question or need, and we will figure it out. 

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