DSCI 1992-2014
The HELIOS (High-Speed Electro-Optical Laser Integrated Optical Scanner) product developed by DSCI, utilizes patent-pending technology, and provides for a wide range of military applications including free space optical communications, laser designation, target detection/tracking, range finding, and combat identification. The fast and accurate laser beam (or beams) scanning is achieved by a unique arrangement of beam reflectors and deflectors. This product provides small size and light weight compared to the currently deployed gimbaled laser beam steering systems, at only a fraction of the cost of these legacy systems. The device is modular and easily reconfigured to adapt to the needs of different customers and applications; This HELIOS product integrates all of the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) available components, which guarantees low cost and conformance to industrial standards. It is also capable of steering multi-beams independently and simultaneously, to form an agile multi-function laser beam payload.
HELIOS incorporates two patent-pending technologies
The HELIOS device consists two main parts:

- Fast tracker-FOV 90 degrees
- Slow tracker-FOV 360 degrees
The device operates at two wavelengths:

- 1550 nm for communication
- 980 nm for optical beacon

The device has two unique features:

- Fast: 300 radians/second steering speed
- Accurate: 50 micro radian steering accuracy
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